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Subscription pack (7 bottles x 4 weeks)

Subscription pack (7 bottles x 4 weeks)

Rs. 1,450.00 Rs. 1,680.00

If you love your Smoodies and you want them every week, why don't you pick up the Smoodies crate?

We will deliver once a week to you (you can customize the frequency to more or less frequent by dropping us a note in the comments), 7 bottles at a time. Just pick the delivery slot through our date & time picker, and we will send your set of bottles in the same time slot every week.

We'll send you an equal mix of flavours. If you have a specific combination in mind however, do leave it in the comment box on the order page, and we will adjust accordingly.

If you would like a different number of bottles on subscription, then do email us, ping us or call us, and we can set that up for you.

And, we would also like to do our bit for the environment and collect the empty bottles from you!

Note: In case of a COD order, we will take the order payment upfront at the first delivery, and future orders will be payment free

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