Made with lots of love, fruit and nothing else
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Smoodies is a team that is young and idealistic and pursues everything with integrity, vigour and the indelible spirit that makes us chase our vision that one day we will conquer and win over all of India's taste buds with our products.



We asked everyone to pick the fruit that matches their personality, and click a picture with it. The fastest ones got lucky,  unfortunately some of us got stuck with personalities that don’t really make sense.

But we spent the rest of the day trying to own it. Suresh the Goofy Guava went stumbling around the office, Jessie the Boisterous Banana was 10x her regular volume, and Vinod the Proud Pineapple walked around the office with his chest puffed out.

Palack isn’t really Sassy either, she’s quite gentle, but since she’s grown up being called Spinach by all her friends anyway, it sort of fit.

More about the Founding team

Anusha Bhushan

AKA Nush

Cofounder & CEO

Siddhartha Deb


Cofounder & COO

Loves food, bright colours and sunshine

Dog lover, her yearly resolutions always revolve around getting a dog at home

Musician, singer, pianist, plays the same songs on loop

Biggest foodie we know. If there's food leftover, Deb to the rescue

Terrible or Great at puns, whichever way you want to look at it

Sportsman, burns all the calories he eats

Anusha has an MBA from IIM Calcutta, and an BSc Economics (Hons) degree from the London School of Economics.

Prior to Smoodies, she worked with Deutsche Bank London as part of their Investment Banking practice, and Bain & Company Mumbai, as a Management Consultant.

Siddhartha has an MBA from IIM Calcutta, and a BTech in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering from IIT Madras.

Prior to Smoodies, he worked with McDermott International in Dubai, and with Tata Strategic Management Consulting and Bain & Company Mumbai as a Management Consultant.