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Partner with us

Hey there!

If you've tried our products and loved them, and can think of ways to get more of this goodness out into the world, then let us know!

Some of the ways off the top of our minds:

  • If you're a working professional, and would like us to stock at your office, then put us in touch with your admin, and we'll take it from there! There's a referral benefit waiting for you as well!
  • If you would like us to stock at a retailer that you know, or if you ARE a retailer, then get in touch with us!
  • Are you one of those funky startups that does work in health & wellness, fitness, nutrition, and think we could bond over how awesome fruit is? Talk to us!
  • The other bucket: Do you not fit in any of the above, but you still think we should chat? Call us!