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Loyalty T&Cs

Hey there!

So if you're on this page, you probably know that we have a loyalty program up and running. We give you points for your birthday, and for liking our various social media pages, as well as of course, spending on our website.

For those of you looking for the Terms & Conditions on the loyalty scheme (I know, who ever goes looking for one of those pages), here are the terms of the loyalty program:

Points earning:

  • Share our website on Facebook - 100 points
  • Refer a friend - 2000 points
  • Your birthday - 500 points
  • Follow us on Instagram - 100 points
  • Follow us on Twitter - 100 points
  • Share us on Twitter - 100 points
  • Like us on Facebook - 50 points
  • Create a store account - 100 points
  • Spend on store - 2 points for every Re. 1 spent

Points redemption:

  • Rs. 50 off coupon - 2000 points
  • Rs. 100 off coupon - 4000 points
  • Rs. 200 off coupon - 8000 points

Referral scheme

Introduce a friend to Smoodies, get yourself some points, and also get your friend their first taste of Smoodies at a 25% discount!

Terms & Conditions

  • In the instance of the issuance of a discount code, where each customer is allowed one discount code only, Smoodies reserves the right to cancel and refund (as it may be the case) a transaction, where it appears the customer may be appearing in duplicate with multiple email IDs or phone numbers. This will be carried out on an exception basis only.
  • Smoodies reserves the right to change the ratios on which points are earned or redeemed as the Company sees fit.