Made with lots of love, fruit and nothing else
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Frequently asked questions

Who are you?

  • As Ubuntu’s philosophy famously says, “we are who we are because of what we all are”.
  • Too abstract? Okie dokie we’ll explain.
  • Fundamentally, we are simple folk with a simple mission. We looked at the world around us including our own lives, and realized that we really wanted to solve one problem, and that was one of convenient, affordable and tasty nutrition.
  • We are basically a team of people working on healthy, yummy, and convenient fruit drinks for you to take with you on your way to the busy lives that we all live.

What is a Smoodie?

  • A smoothie is a thick beverage made from blended fruit or vegetables.
  • A Smoodie is a 100% fruit smoothie, ie no dairy, no water added, just lots and lots of fruit.
  • We add no sugar, no preservatives and no other nonsense, so rest assured that we make these with love, lots of fruit and nothing else.

Why don’t Smoodies have dairy?

  • A smoothie CAN have dairy, but doesn’t have to. 100% fruit smoothies provide freshness better than that of a dairy-based smoothie.
  • Our smoodies are also vegan-friendly and perfect for those with allergies to milk products, or just don’t like milk! 

Why are Smoodies better than juice?

  • A Smoodie is a blend of different fruits (each Smoodie flavour has a minimum of 4 different fruits).
  • It is thicker than juice, such that it has whole fruit (all the pulp and the fibre of eating a piece of fruit). The fibre makes it more filling, and healthier for digestion as well as promotes slower absorption of the fruit sugars in the bloodstream.
  • As one of our customers remarked to us, Smoodies taste like fruit, not juice (because they ARE fruit!)

Smoodies have a 1 month shelf-life. How do you do that without preservatives?

  • We gently pasteurize our product. This ensures that the product is safer to drink for a longer period of time without preservatives and without compromising on its taste.
  • We are also incredibly careful about maintaining a clean production environment and filling our drink into sanitized bottles which helps give our drinks shelf-life. 

You don’t add sugar, but Smoodies are still sweet and taste so great. Are you sure you don’t add any sugar? (You won’t believe it, but we actually DID get asked this question a couple of times)

  • We definitely do NOT add any sugar, but we do make sure that Smoodies taste good by maintaining an optimal blend of different fruits, to get you enough sweetness in your Smoodie.
  • What’s great about this is that you are consuming only natural fruit sugar, which has a lower glycemic index (read: it is better for your metabolism and your blood sugar levels), and this combined with the fact that we have fiber in our drinks, reduces the rate of absorption of sugar into your blood stream even further.