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The Big Bh*ng Smoothie

The Big Bh*ng Smoothie

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At Smoodies, we have made it our mission to use only natural ingredients, in the happiest and simplest way possible, for everything we do.

With Holi just having gone by, and with our added commitment to natural and all things green, we are exhilarated to showcase India’s first herbal smoothie, the Big Bh*ng Smoodie!

Fruits, herbs and only natural & green ingredients, guaranteed to keep you feeling on top of the world, at least for a few hours. Holi Moly, you could even call it the drink of the Gods, if you wished!

Why the asterix? Because we want you to be your creative self, and make what you will of all the asterixes in our lives. Didn’t get it? Its OK, its all an Asterix anyway. Or is it an Obelix? We can never tell the difference.

And like all consumer companies these days, we have also decided that the most sensible way to run business is to give everything free to our delightful customer.


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